For Buyers

Get the house you want at the right price

The Marin real estate market is highly competitive.
The best properties may never even be listed publicly.
And even then you could be competing with
multiple, highly motivated buyers.

But we position you to win.


Every transaction starts with understanding—your goals, aspirations, and budget. Based on all that, we’ll position you for success. You’ll be the first know about the best homes—including the ones that aren’t publicly listed.


The sellers present their homes to you. You present your offer to them. It’s 1/3 analytics, 1/3 savvy and 1/3 showbiz. Call it an art. Or a science. Either way, we’ll help you be the best-positioned one at the table.


Acting more like business consultants than realtors, we’ll help you understand current market conditions and trends, location, features, timing, and a long list of other details—including financing.

You’ll enter the market well informed and well prepared to buy your next home.